A uniquely flexible research platform

OpenFPE 1-20kWe turn-key Smart Engines and tools for academic research and low temperature combustion development activities.

  • Evaluation systems include 1kWe and 20kWe two-stroke gasoline spark ignition combustion chamber designs with uni-flow scavenging
  • Re-configurable for other fuels and combustion methods (including diesel or natural gas fuelling and compression ignition) made possible by a ‘swap-out’ cylinder and free piston design
  • Compact, fully balanced designs do not require conventional test cell dynamometer installation or complex lab infrastructure. Our smaller 1kWe system enables ‘bench-top’ combustion experimental set-up
  • Libertine’s Free Piston Engine Control Unit provides a wide range of combustion control functionality and facilitates low temperature combustion research using software-configured real-time piston motion control
  • Advanced analytics, diagnostics and simulation suite accelerates model validation, and drives experimental insight and research productivity

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